About Us


The Department of Industrial Physics and Medical Instrumentation is committed to providing an exceptionally high standard of education to produce students who are dedicated, skilled, and a benefit to society.

To that end, we provide unique degrees in several disciplines related to physics and medical instrumentation, such as, semiconductor material and device characterization, bio-medical science, image processing, industrial inspection, photonics, laser technology, signal processing, electronic devices, integrated circuits, and nanotechnology. All of our programs are taught by professors who are not only leaders in their fields, but are also dedicated to undergraduate and graduate education.

Besides their own individual research programs, our faculty members also often engage in collaborative research projects with national and high-tech industrial facilities. This partnership allows our department access to a larger range of resources and opportunities, and allows our students to have direct contact with future employers. These partnerships also allow the department to design our programs with specific industrial standards and qualifications in mind, allowing our students to easily find employment in high-tech industries as well as in medical and research companies.

This department is also proud to offer a cooperative education program, which is one of the largest and most active in the university. This co-op program gives students the opportunity to work at one of our cooperating organizations. During their term of employment, they can gain practical experience, learn how to apply the principles learned in a classroom to real life situation, and develop contacts within the industry. This has proven to be a very valuable program for our students since many of them have gone on to obtain jobs with the companies that they worked for during co-op.


The Department of Industrial Physics and Medical Instrumentation was founded in May of 1988 to fill a critical need in medical and emerging technologies.

It provided the first Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Medical Instrumentation in Thailand. Since then, the department has continued to grow and now offers 8 different programs that explore the cutting edge of applied physics. The department also provides laboratory facilities for the development of practical skills and for new research.